New Service Makes It Possible to Speak from Beyond the Grave

Séances, hauntings, ghost stories—we’ve come up with a number of varied and questionable ways to keep in communication with our loved ones after we pass away, but now there may be a way to actually do it: a new service called “P.S. I Love You Letters.”

According to their website, P.S. I Love You Letters are “time preserved, hand-written letters that you compose on elegant stationary to share what you’ve always wanted to say to those close to you, but never did. Each of your letters are safeguarded and later delivered in accordance with your instructions.”

Writing letters to loved ones to be given to them posthumously is not a new idea; in fact, many estate planners suggest clients write letters, personal histories, or a more formal document called a “memorandum of intent”, and store the personal missives with their estate planning documents, to be found and delivered after their death. The difference that comes with using the “P.S. I Love You Letters” service is that you can specify at what time you would like your letters to be delivered—and rest assured that they will be safely stored until that time.

We don’t know anything about this service aside from what we’ve found on their website, but as estate planners we certainly agree with the need to consider your family, plan ahead, and make sure you’ve provided for your loved ones before it’s too late. As the “P.S. I Love You Letters” website states, “We are reminded daily of how life can end so suddenly and unexpectedly.” Taking time now to plan for the unexpected can prevent much pain and hardship later.

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