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As business owners ourselves, we understand that effective legal counsel is sometimes more than simply identifying a legal issue. Our Business and Corporate Section strives not only to resolve complex business matters but also to afford our clients the benefit of our experience as creative counselors and entrepreneurs. As general, regional or local counsel, we represent publicly-held and closely-held businesses operating in virtually every sector of the economy. We have extensive experience representing corporations, partnerships, limited liability companies and individuals in a wide variety of commercial transactions. Such transactions include the purchase and sale of real estate and businesses, mergers and acquisitions, the purchase and sale of equipment and other personal property assets, stock transfers, private placement offerings, asset-based financing, and negotiating franchise and distributorship agreements..

We also provide general legal assistance to individual businesses, as well as maintain an experienced staff of business litigators to aggressively promote and protect our clients’ interests.

Nurturing The Entrepreneurial Spirit

Several years ago, one of our clients started a business in his garage with his sons. Today, that client has more than 200 employees and has exceeded $100 million in annual sales. NE Indiana has been home to a number of similar entrepreneurs and we are proud that our team has helped many of them incorporate, grow, and seek investment monies and other opportunities. If you own a business, or are thinking of starting one, we can help you at start-up, exit, and every stage in between.

Business Succession Planning

If you’re like most business owners, you’ve poured your heart and soul into building your business. Transitioning out of the business you’ve worked so hard to create can be difficult emotionally and, of course, financially—for many business owners, the business represents their greatest single asset.

At Beers Mallers, we have extensive experience helping business owners accomplish all of their personal and family objectives. We will design the optimal plan for you to transition your business to the next generation of ownership. If you wish to pass your business on to your family, we will show you how to avoid the infighting and rivalries that often develop when siblings with conflicting interests assume shared ownership. This will enable you to leave a legacy of continued family cooperation rather than one of conflict.

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