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Elder law involves a wide range of issues, everything from estate planning, asset preservation and guardianship to the procurement of government benefits, housing and care-giving options. Our goal in this area of the law is to guide elderly clients and their loved ones through the legal issues and possible financial problems that come with growing older, and preserve our clients’ personal and financial independence for as long as possible. We can show you a variety of ways to qualify for long-term care assistance from Medicaid—without spending down all of your assets. Procuring this assistance is particularly important today, with the cost of nursing home care averaging more than $6,000 a month and climbing ever higher. Also, people are living longer than ever before. In fact, more than 50 percent of people aged 65 will need help because of incapacity at some point in their lives.

At Beers Mallers, our attorneys and staff have attended untold hours of continuing legal education training on advanced elder law, estate planning and Medicaid planning issues. We have lectured at dozens of public and private seminars, church events, and educational institutions, and written and delivered scholarly research papers to Elder Law attorneys and the legal bar. In summary, we have counseled hundreds of elderly clients and their families, and we can find a solution to the costs and stresses of nursing home care for you or a loved one.  Please allow us to put the Midwest’s largest Elder Law Team to work for you.  It will be our privilege and delight to serve your needs.

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