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The American workplace has become the judicial and regulatory focal point for a vast array of new laws and trends in the law that dramatically affect today’s employer. The explosion of state and federal court litigation during the past several years is a testament to the willingness of private and public sector employees, often with the assistance of organized labor, to challenge the fundamental business decision-making of their employers. Moreover, unions have again become emboldened to organize nonunion employers, while correspondingly resorting to contractual and other legal challenges to management’s rights in the existing unionized environment.

Beers Maller’s Labor and Employment Relations Section is uniquely qualified to represent interests of private and public sector employers, both union and nonunion. Our Section members include litigates, labor negotiators and municipal attorneys skilled in assisting our clients to accomplish their goals. We have negotiated dozens of labor contracts with several international unions, including the Teamster’s, IBEW and PBA.

Our attorneys have successfully arbitrated discharge, discipline and management rights cases on issues ranging from insubordinate employee conduct to the rights of employers to temporarily lay employees off without regard to seniority. We practice before the National Labor Relations Board and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission in both federal and state courts. We have frequently counseled and trained management personnel on maintaining union-free status, as well as on effectively supervising and disciplining hourly employees in both union and nonunion settings.

An important adjunct to our practice focuses on workplace issues such as “at-will” employment status, wrongful discharge, privacy and defamation, and compliance with state and federal statutory schemes, including Title VII, the Age Discrimination in Employment Act, the Federal Wage and Hour laws, the Americans with Disabilities Act and the National Labor Relations Act.

Ultimately, our goal in this area of the law is to maximize our clients’ professional and business decision-making, while ensuring that such decisions are productive and cost-effective.